What’s just as important as sunscreen at the beach? Snacks at a shark party!

The 31st annual much-anticipated Shark Week begins this Sunday at 8 p.m.. The fintastic lineup is primed to deliver more than 20 hours of all-new shark stories and remarkable insights into the underwater world of these mysterious creatures.

And as you come face to face with some of the most unique shark species in the world and learn about all-too-important shark conservation, don’t forget you’re going to work up an appetite!

These cute life preserver donuts will save you from spending all of your time in the kitchen making overly detailed shark themed snacks. You can make the donuts, frost them yourself, then add the red striping, OR you can buy them already iced and just take one easy step!

Most grocery stores sell white icing donuts without sprinkles. If you can’t find them, another easy alternative is the white powdered sugar donuts produced by Hostess or Entenmann’s. Just scoop up some red icing in the tube from the baking aisle, and you’re almost done!

Easy life preserver donuts will save you from hunger during Shark Week_1

Life preserver donuts


  • 1 dozen white icing donuts (or Hostess powdered sugar donuts)
  • 1 tube red icing with tip (for cupcake decorating)


  1. Take one donut and place two lines  of icing on opposite sites of the donut hole. Repeat going the other direction until you have four lines. Add a line of icing to either side of those lines until you have red stripes of your desired thickness.
  2. Store chilled or in a cooler area, out of direct sunlight.

Easy life preserver donuts will save you from hunger during Shark Week_1

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