Burger King just raised the stakes in the fast-food game with its newest variety of chicken fries.

Rolling out now, the Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries are expected to cost a little more than $3. It takes their regular chicken fries and coats them with a pretzel-based batter.

Chicken Fries were on Burger King’s menu from 2005-12 and then reintroduced permanently in 2014. The fast-food chain added a limited Fiery variety in 2015, as well as a Buffalo flavor. In 2016, they made a Jalapeno version and later added Cheetos Chicken Fries, as well as Chicken Fry Rings.

They’ve only been spotted at a few Burger Kings so far, so keep an eye out and grab them while you can, because they’re a limited-time product.

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