Summer is still in full swing, but we can’t help but notice September sneaking up on us. While the fall brings its own delightful foods (hellooo pumpkin spice!), once summer has slipped by, you just can’t enjoy a juicy watermelon in quite the same way. Take this as your summer foods PSA: Head to the market and get cooking these 15 quintessential summer foods before it’s too late!

Blueberry pie recipe

Blueberry pie

Don’t miss out on homemade blueberry pie! A big juicy slice is simply a summer-must. You can even wash and freeze some berries now, if you want to prolong your blueberry pie calendar. That way, you can enjoy them for another month or two.  Get the recipe.

Spinach ricotta stuffed bell peppers are an easy vegetarian alternative to the classic dish.

Vegetarian SPINach, ricotta stuffed peppers

Use up those beautiful summer peppers in the best way we know how — stuffed peppers. Make this recipe tonight.

Caprese Summer Rolls are the newest must-have recipe for warm weather days

Caprese Summer Rolls

Perhaps you’re a fan of the classic Caprese salad — aren’t we all? Drizzle these roasted tomatoes Caprese summer rolls with balsamic glaze and get ready for your new no-bake summer meal. Make this meal tonight.

Easy peaches and cream protein smoothie

Easy Peaches and Cream protein Smoothie

This will be your go-to breakfast smoothie for the rest of summer. Mix it up tomorrow morning.

Zucchini Panini with corn and goat cheese3
Zucchini Panini with corn and goat cheese3

Zucchini Panini with corn and goat cheese

Besides being really fun to say, this toasty sandwich will have you loving every bite of summer. Get the recipe.

Damn Delicious

Grilled garlic butter shrimp

This recipe will have you thinking you’re off relaxing at the beach. Get the recipe.

Arugula, mint and apricot salad3

Arugula, Mint and Apricot salad

Don’t let summer slip away without enjoy apricots. Try them in this delicious, savory salad.

Hydrating watermelon, coconut cooler

While the weather is warm, watermelon everything! Get the recipe.

Watermelon salad perfect for summer by Everybody Craves

Watermelon feta salad

Like we said… watermelon everything! Make it now.

heirloom tomato, zucchini, onion, goat cheese, thyme tart recipe
Sprinkle with thyme and enjoy!

Tomato, zucchini, goat cheese and thyme tart

All your summer favorite flavors packed into one tasty tart. Get the recipe.


cilantro lime grilled salmon

We hope you’ve made something on the grill other than burgers by now, but if you haven’t now is the time to squeeze in this delicious summery citrus salmon recipe. Get it now. 

Garlicky Greek yogurt Alfredo sauce
Garlicky Greek yogurt Alfredo sauce

garlicky greek yogurt ALFREDo

Alfredo is just too darn heavy for summer, but this lightened Greek yogurt version brings it back to the table. Plus, you get to savor those perfectly ripe zucchinis served as fresh zoodles. Make now.

Well Plated

teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapple

Pick a pineapple and get out the grill! A new summer favorite is what’s for dinner. Get the recipe.

Fresh and easy summer tomato, peach, jalapeno gazpacho by Everybody Craves.

summer TOMATO, peach, and jalapeño gazpacho

This traditional Spanish dish gets an American summer produce update. Filling and refreshing, make this delightfully cold soup tonight.


Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

The chickpeas will keep you full for hours, and you’ll get to enjoy all kinds of other delicious summer veggies. Make this easy salad tonight.

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